Hacienda Don Villo Salmonella Lawyer Represents Outbreak Victim

A customer of Hacienda Don Villo in Channahon, Illinois, who was stricken with a Salmonella infection after dining at the Mexican style restaurant has joined forces with a national food poisoning law firm to pursue a comprehensive claim for injuries. Salmonella attorney Ryan Osterholm of Pritzker Olsen Attorneys has been assigned to represent victims in the outbreak, which appears to have sickened more than 34 people.

mexican-food-poisoning-caseA representative of the law firm’s Bad Bug Law Team  has been in communication with the public health investigators in the Grundy County Health Department who are tracing the outbreak. Philip Jass, the county’s health administrator, has overseen Salmonella testing of the restaurant’s employees. He told Food Poisoning Bulletin, a food safety website sponsored by the Pritzker law firmthat one worker has tested positive as a carrier of the infectious bacteria. Osterholm said it’s possible that a single employee could have transmitted the pathogen to customers by not properly washing up after going to the bathroom. “Our law firm has handled similar cases and outbreaks, and been successful for our clients,” the attorney said.

According to Osterholm, restaurants are legally responsible for illnesses linked to their food, regardless of the origin of contamination. To contact him for representation, call the firm at 1-888-377-8900 (Toll Free) or leave your contact information here and Ryan or another attorney at the firm will promptly respond. All case consultations are free and we take no fee unless we win and our clients have received millions in damage claims.

As part of the Hacienda Don Villo Salmonella outbreak investigation, Grundy County is gathering stool samples from people reporting illness in order to test for the outbreak strain of Salmonella. All positive Salmonella isolates are being sent to the Illinois Department of Public Health for DNA testing called pulsed-field gel electrophoreses (PFGE). Isolates with matching DNA fingerprints are considered confirmed outbreak cases and PFGE results are routinely at the center of a restaurant Salmonella lawsuit.

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